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Pest Control

At De Soto Exterminating, we believe in providing our valued residential and commercial clients exceptional pest control service and guaranteed results at the lowest price. By using trained and experienced technicians armed with the latest and most effective pest control products, we are able to deliver premier service that is unmatched by our competition.

Termite Control Scottsdale AZDe Soto Exterminating staff of professionally trained and certified technicians provide general pest and termite control,real estate inspections, and pest control to commercial and residential customers.

House hold pests are more than an embarrassing nuisance. They can bring harmful bacteria into your home. We at De Soto Exterminating are not only trained to spray the perimeter of your home, but also to identify areas of your structure that may be problems and allow pest infestation. By targeting these places in your home, we can stop pest infestations before they happen.

We guarantee our pest control and termite control work, are prompt and reliable and are fully accredited and insured. Our pricing is highly competitive and we are constantly searching for new ways to exceed customer expectations. Our commitment to going the extra mile is one of the main reasons our word of mouth spreads like rapid fire. If you want to experience the difference, contact us today!

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