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Whether its caring for your home or business, De Soto Exterminating will design a custom pest control service program to meet your individual needs. Our pest control program begins with a thorough inspection and assessment of your property.

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Termite Control Scottsdale AZIt just makes sense — if you keep pests and bugs out of your home in the first place, you don’t have to deal with them inside later. Unlike exterminators, De Soto Exterminating pest control service does not rely on outdated pest control methods, such as routine spraying for bugs around your home. Our guaranteed pest services focus on pest prevention and pest control. We never consider the size of the job in front of us and thus are consistent in the high levels of service provided. As professional pest controllers we also provide inspections in addition to a host of other services that range from termite to ant management.

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pest control service Scottsdale AZPests can be simply annoying to live with, in a home or work environment; however they can also be dangerous and destructive in addition to carrying a host of diseases.What all of our clients can expect to receive is a pest and termite control service that combines using safe, state of the art and effective pest management technology, tools and practice, with skills and experience. Clients can also expect to receive an honest service, which means that you will never be sold a product or service you don’t need.

Pest control Scottsdale AZWith years of experience throughout Scottsdale AZ, we offer a discreet, effective and efficient termite exterminating service to all of our customers. By combining our years of experience with the latest techniques for the eradication of common household pests, our skilled technicians can provide safe and effective solutions to pest problems that stand the test of time. We understand how distressing a pest problem can be – seriously affecting your quality of life at home or productivity in your business.That’s why we not only get rid of your problem as quickly as possible, we also help you prevent future pest problems.

Termite extermination Scottsdale AZOur commitment to maintaining continuing professional development requires hours of advanced training and detailed study, and we believe this is one of the driving forces behind our on-going success. On the website, we have endeavored to include detailed information about the all our services like: pest control, termite control, termite inspection, and we hope that you find this useful. However, if you have a specific query, please make contact with us at your earliest convenience and we’ll be happy to discuss your problem.

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rodent and bee control Scottsdale AZOur policy for dealing with pests, from termites to spiders, is based on the industrial code of practices and guidelines’ legal requirements. To ensure we deliver the highest possible level of rodent control and bee control service  we adhere strictly to the code of professional conduct, which governs how we are to do business. There is no reason to live with pests given the ease in which they can be dealt with, so if you need a pest and termite control please don’t hesitate to get in touch as our professional technicians have a variety of techniques at their disposal to eliminate these pests from your property.

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Excellent Service

I have had monthly service since 1991. Ben watched my kids grow up. I had another pest control company before Desoto's that was horrible. Ben is always on... Read more reviews

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